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Process Wise: Flexographic
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  1. Cold Seal Release Lacquer

    Specially formulated mixed resin lacquer for cold seal packaging with excellent release properties. The lacquer characteristically has very low odor and excellent printability. Suitable for Flexo and Rotogravure applications.

  2. Aquagloss Hc 6652
    Water-based flexographic inks especially designed for printing on single side PE-Coated boards meant for hot cups. Characteristic features are good printability and are fast drying with excellent wet and dry rub resistance and good water resistance.
  3. Aquagloss Pp 6655
    Water reducible flexographic ink for PP Coated label to be printed using Narrow Web Machine. Characteristic features include excellent gloss and adhesion on PP coated label stock
  4. Aqualabel 6650
    Water reducible flexographic ink for Coated and Matt label stock to be printed using Narrow Web Machine. Characteristically these inks give brilliant glossy prints with smooth lay and have high water resistance depending on the substrate
  5. Aquametallic 6641
    Water reducible flexographic metallic inks especially designed for printing on coated and uncoated label stock. These inks are given in two pack system and the components have to be mixed in the given ratio at the time of printing. The prints characteristically give excellent luster
  6. Aquastar 6620
    Water reducible flexographic inks available as ready ink and for computerized dosing system suitable for printing on bleached and unbleached Kraft liners. Characteristic features include high colour strength with fast setting and high water and rub resistance.
  7. Aquastar Or 6646
    Water-based ink with excellent fat/oil resistance especially formulated for food wrap glassine papers where the print does not come in direct contact with the food. The fat penetrating through the paper does not cause any bleeding in the ink.
  8. Aquastar Pe/Pp 6610
    Water reducible flexographic inks suitable for printing on Corona treated Extruded PE and PP films. These inks characteristically have excellent gloss, printability and smooth lay and give excellent adhesion making them ideal for printing shopping bags
  9. Aquastar Primers
    Wax free aqueous acrylic emulsion primer for gravure or flexo applications on metallised films and foils. At the right dry film weight the primer imparts excellent adherence and printability for NC based inks on the metallised films and foils.
  10. Aquastar R 6615
    Water reducible ruling inks especially designed for printing on forms, notebooks and other stationery. Characteristically these inks have high water resistance and so do not bleed in water.
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