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  1. Cold Seal Release Lacquer

    Specially formulated mixed resin lacquer for cold seal packaging with excellent release properties. The lacquer characteristically has very low odor and excellent printability. Suitable for Flexo and Rotogravure applications.

  2. Imperial Dec 2930
    Imperial® DEC 2930 inks are Alkyd based thermal drying offset inks suitable to print on white base coated tin plates for 3-piece cans, closures, screw caps & crowns in conjunction with an overprint varnish. It is recommended for food packaging jobs. Curing at 160°C for 12-15 minutes. It is characterized by unusually good colour retention and can be run wet trap with a suitable overprint varnish. SQTS Certificate available on request.
  3. Imperial Pu 806
    Toluene/Ketone free modified PU based inks for Gravure reverse application on treated PET films and subsequent lamination to co-extruded polypropylene films, metallized co-extruded polypropylene films, polyethylene films or triple ply poly laminates using wide range of laminating adhesives. Especially formulated for gravure lamination giving high bond strength and high heat seal strength with very low solvent retention.
  4. Imperial Uv Dec 4402
    Ultra Violet Curing Metal Dec Offset inks designed for 3-piece beverage containers, closures, cigar boxes, crowns in conjunction with an over lacquer. Can be used on single or multi-color presses for metal decorating. Also suitable for alcohol dampening. After proper curing the inks form a flexible ink film with low odor
  5. Imperial Uv Dec L-M 4455
    Ultra Violet Curing Metal Dec offset ink. This is formulated without ITX and Benzophenone.Sheetfed metal decorating inks used for printing food packaging three-piece beverage containers, closures screw caps, food cans and crowns in conjunction with an over lacquer
  6. Metaflex 2060 Varnish
    Polyester based on-yellowing over varnish with good gloss, flexibility, wet-on-wet properties. Suitable for external varnishing of 3-piece cans, twist off closures and crown caps. It has good sterilization properties at 121 degrees Celsius for 90 min in steam.
  7. Metaflex 2538 White Coat
    Polyester based Universal white basecoat with excellent flexibility, gloss ,hardness, good stacking properties. Suitable for External Base White Coat ,of sterilizable 3-piece cans.
  8. Metaflex 2570 White Coat
    Polyester based white base coat with high flexibility. Recommended for general purpose cans, twist off closures, lug cap and crown caps with good coverage properties.
  9. Metaflex Gold Over Varnish 0040
    Polyester based Gold Varnish with good gloss, flexibility, wet-on-wet properties. This is toned version of Metaflex 2060. Different gold shades can be achieved as per customer’s requirement
  10. Metaflex Matt Over Print Varnish 0316
    Polyester based Matt over varnish with excellent flexibility, adhesion to plain and base coated substrate, non-yellowing ,good scratch and mobility properties.Suitable for External varnishing of three piece cans, twist off closures,crown caps and PP caps.
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Items 1-10 of 17

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