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  1. Cold Seal Release Lacquer

    Specially formulated mixed resin lacquer for cold seal packaging with excellent release properties. The lacquer characteristically has very low odor and excellent printability. Suitable for Flexo and Rotogravure applications.

  2. Aquastar Pe/Pp 6610
    Water reducible flexographic inks suitable for printing on Corona treated Extruded PE and PP films. These inks characteristically have excellent gloss, printability and smooth lay and give excellent adhesion making them ideal for printing shopping bags
  3. Aquastar R 6615
    Water reducible ruling inks especially designed for printing on forms, notebooks and other stationery. Characteristically these inks have high water resistance and so do not bleed in water.
  4. Hiflex Surface 718
    Modified NC based inks specially designed for Flexographic surface printing on treated clear / opacified co-extruded polypropylene films, treated LDPE film and on suitably primed Metallized films, PVC films and Aluminum foils. Typically the Hiflex Surface 718 has high gloss and strength with excellent adhesion and flexibility. Other features include low solvent retention and high heat resistance with excellent jaw release.
  5. Polystar 3301
    Modified Polyamide system for Flexographic surface printing on treated LD / HDPE/ PP/ HM HDPE films. Characteristic properties include High Gloss, excellent adhesion and flexibility with good scuff resistance. A sub series called POLYSTAR WP is available for Woven polypropylene sacks with the same characteristic properties
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5 Items

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